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Couples Therapy

Are you struggling in your relationship or marriage? Are you beginning to lose hope that you can work it out? Do you feel like you’ve lost your grip and it is starting to go out of control? Perhaps you are simply looking to align yourselves when your viewpoints begin to differ? If so, couples therapy (or some may call it marriage counseling) might be a good option for you.

Therapy for Two

Very often couples get caught up in patterns of negative interactions, having the same fights over and over. They don’t like it, would like to change it, but don’t know how to talk about it. Over time they become less and less connected to one another, leaving them feeling frustrated and alone in the relationship.

The past couple years have added tremendous stress to all relationships and are often exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, politics and other divisive issues. Oftentimes, partners have differing responses to crises or sudden ‘threats’ to emotional or physical safety. Our therapy services are designed to help you work towards understanding yourself and your partner while always working in service of enhancing your relationship and connection.

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Is it too late for us?

Some of you who are considering couples counseling are wondering if it’s too late for therapy. You have experienced too much pain, betrayal or ‘second chances’ and feel there is no hope for getting back ‘what you once had’. We encourage you to consider couples counseling anyway. Often, when couples reach this point where they feel they have nothing left to lose, they are more open and honest with themselves and their partner. This creates a powerful opportunity for true beliefs, feelings and experiences of each partner to emerge. This honesty is what is needed to allow the process of healing to begin.

How The Therapy Space Therapist Help?

As Emotionally Focused Couples Therapists, we help you and your partner identify the root cause of the interactional patterns leaving you feeling alone and frustrated. By exploring each partner’s experience in the relationship, we will help you share your inner thoughts with each other in an effective way so you can gain new and powerful insight about each other. These new insights also help you make sense of what has been contributing to those patterns that pushed you away from each other. Understanding each other - and these patterns - in a new way will draw you closer to one another, facilitate healing and allow for new, fulfilling patterns of interaction to evolve between you.

We understand every couple is unique. We are skilled in helping you both navigate this healing process, regardless of how you came to find yourself in this place of seeking support and help.

Through this process, in order to reignite the comfort and connection in your relationship, you will learn:

  1. How to communicate with your partner

  2. Gain a clearer understanding of what your partner needs

  3. Learn how to remain connected with your partner in time of need 

Pre-Martial and Early Marriage Counseling

Are you engaged? Considering engagement? Recently married and want to get started off right? A fulfilling marriage can be one of the most rewarding experiences of life. Surprisingly, successful partnerships that endure life’s ups and downs also experience conflict and challenge. It is how couples manage conflict that separates those who endure, from those that last only a few years.

Many couples don’t understand the importance of premarital counseling and have a hard time placing value in counseling when they are already in a happy, healthy relationship. Couples who pursue counseling during their engagement or very early in their marriage can significantly reduce their risk of divorce by developing a higher level of marital satisfaction.


What to Expect During the Session

1. We will highlight the strengths of your relationship and discuss strategies for utilizing those strengths to prevent marital strain and overcome unavoidable hurdles.

2. We will provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment to discuss any areas of your relationship you wish to change or improve.

3. We will guide you through the process of discussing important issues that every couple should explore before engaging in marriage, such as having and raising children, financial issues in your marriage and establishing roles within the relationship.

Discussing these subjects can sometimes be anxiety provoking; however, we will facilitate respectful, positive communication which will allow both partners to express their authentic desires and concerns in a way that is productive and ultimately results in mutual understanding.

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