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Therapy From Your Own Space

A Diverse Team of Online Therapists Specializing in Treating Anxiety, Depression, Couples, Trauma, LGBTQIA+ issues and more.

Our Founder

Adrienne Neirinckx, LICSW

The Therapy Space was founded with a vision to make online therapy more accessible for Massachusetts residents. The aim was to overcome the historical anxiety and stigma associated with seeking therapy by utilizing the effectiveness of online sessions. We ensure that clients who engage in the process can expect positive outcomes.

Our Specialties

Discover a path towards healing and happiness with our comprehensive online therapy platform. Our expert therapists specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, couples counseling, chronic illnesses and injury, grief and loss, racial and cultural stress, LGBTQIA+, postpartum, and more.

Calm Woman

Anxiety can manifest in various ways, but effective online therapy and counseling services can help you understand and manage these feelings. We use evidence-based approaches to reframe negative thoughts and develop coping mechanisms for a more fulfilling life.

Newborn Baby

Postpartum depression can be an overwhelming and distressing experience for new mothers, characterized by deep sadness, hopelessness, exhaustion and even anxiety. The Therapy Space offers support, coping strategies, and resilience-building, fostering healing and well-being for yourself and your new family.

Image by Artem Beliaikin

We offer a comprehensive approach to address the various manifestations of depression, using cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) to reframe negative thoughts and develop coping mechanisms, while considering the potential benefits of medication in collaboration with your treatment plan.

Image by Dingzeyu Li

Trauma is an impactful experience that affects individuals deeply. We provide a safe space to teach grounding techniques, connectedness and coping skills. We utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy to help individuals on their journey to process the trauma and emerge stronger.


Discover the transformative power of couples therapy or marriage counseling to revitalize your relationship, address negative patterns of interaction, and enhance communication and connection with a supportive and skilled therapist guiding you through the healing process.

Pride Parade

Therapy is transformative for LGBTQIA+ individuals, offering a safe space to address mental health concerns. LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy and support networks provide understanding, acceptance, and tailored support for navigating unique challenges and fostering a sense of community.


Therapy is for Everyone


You don't have to be overwhelmed or in crisis to reach out for help. At The Therapy Space, we are here to support you in managing life's challenges, big or small.

Some of the clients that we service include:

  • Adolescents

  • College students

  • Professionals

  • Adults of any age        


Regardless of your situation, we will provide you with a safe, non judgemental space. Our therapists are highly skilled and dedicated and will give you the tools, insights, and feedback to help you on the path to progress.

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